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Lost Reality Music

Lost Reality Music is a music representation and artist incubator founded by serial entrepreneur James Philip. Lost Reality Music reached out to DaggerFinn for help with a comprehensive brand launch designed around an innovative music contest.
Branding & Launch 
Digital Marketing Strategy
Multimedia Production
PPC Execution
Lost Reality Music is a leading artist promotion and development firm that specializes in supporting artists with equipment sourcing, music production, marketing and promotional services to give rising artists the best opportunities during the course of their career.

In the Summer of 2018, Lost Reality Music contacted us with the goal to push their brand to a higher level, allowing the company to become the leading branding industry for artists.

With an original idea of using a $10,000 dollar contest to support struggling artists, Lost Reality Music also wanted to develop a refined process to expand their reach to deliver even more resources to artists in need of direction during their journey.

Lost Reality Music Concluded its Inaugural $10K Music Contest with an in-depth interview and video.
Branding & Identity
We worked with Lost Reality Music leadership to brainstorm and identify effective yet attractive brand names for the new venture. Our goal with the new brand initiative was to leverage our resources to deliver methods that would allow Lost Reality Music to separate themselves from other major music industry giants.

We then began working on branding and identifying for Lost Reality Music with an understanding that the brand needed to develop a reach that expanded beyond contest prizes and giveaways, one that included specialization in music production support as well as industry navigation for upcoming artists.

The direction for Lost Reality music would be a simple, straight forward website, with the main focus on their YouTube channel and Instagram. By emphasizing a clean graphic design, the Lost Reality Music aesthetic would be one that appealed to the music demographic to help promote fresh artist tracks and artists affiliated with the Lost Reality Music brand.

As the Lost Reality Music brand continued to grow with new artists, DaggerFinn created a brand objective that involved in high quality photo content that showcased the brand’s efforts towards developing their artists. By adding cultivated value to engagements using invigorating storylines for music video production, the brand continued to gain trust from the listening audience.

"Shooting the video for Still Dreaming was beyond fun! Everything from the cast, the crew, the drinks. I really enjoyed myself, so much so that if you look at the scenes of us laughing in the video, it was genuine. I watched how hard LRM went for me to bring my lyrics to life and it only inspired me to want to provide a great performance."
King Blitz on filming Still Dreaming
E-Commerce &
SEO Growth Strategy

Diving into search engine and growth strategy, we identified ‘Lost Reality Music’ as a missing component in the music industry. After working with leadership to identify Lost Reality Music’s new business model, we established that content in addition to search volume, would be a major factor in the brand’s marketing strategy and will allow growth in brand recognition to bring in new talent.

We started by adding several other competitive and non-competitive key terms to form the basis of Lost Reality Music’s digital optimization strategy. These key terms will enable Lost Reality Music to grow in visibility across several important search terms and grab market share with more effective branding and story-telling.

By putting in place a consistent and targeted content strategy plan, Lost Reality Music will not only have immediate ranking success, but also grow over time to access increased levels of visibility and search success.

Getting visitors to the Lost Reality Music website was the first step in our work with the Lost Reality Music leadership team. Second, we built several features on the website that increases trust factor and ease-of-submission.

When the customer is ready to submit music for consideration, we developed a strong social media platform for new artists to trust that the submitted material is calibrated then featured at no cost.
King Blitz' Music Video 'Still Dreaming' Produced by Lost Reality Music
Digital Marketing Strategy
The DaggerFinn difference is our ability to combine several different aspects of effective digital marketing to develop a comprehensive strategy that creates visibility and recognition to Lost Reality Music to search for true talent in need of support.

In coordination with the brand’s content strategy, we designed and put in place a comprehensive pay-per-click (PPC) strategy right at brand launch. We used this to gauge demand for the new offering, and to test the market. The PPC strategy will allow Lost Reality Music to toggle demand up and down throughout the year to match bandwidth.

In addition to PPC strategy, our team focused on developing a strong major ranking on major search sites. We did so by obtaining backlinks through the use of credible and quality links, improving domain authority overall.

With the combination of PPC, backlinks, and on-page optimization through the use of quality content development, Lost Reality Music began to rank higher with search engines allowing the brand to grow in visibility upon search. This means it was guaranteed when searched, the company’s affiliated links would appear within the first page during an inquiry.