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Simple Resume

Launched in 2018, Simple Resume is a low-cost, expedited professional resume writing service catering to the entry-level and college-graduate professional workforce. Employment BOOST, Simple Resume's parent company, reached out to DaggerFinn wanting to establish all aspects of the new brand, develop inbound marketing processes, and implement a workflow solution that enabled low-cost delivery of a high-touch service.
Branding & Experience
Product Launch
Digital Marketing Strategy
PPC Execution
Employment BOOST is a leading business-to-consumer (B2C) career services firm that specializes in creating high-quality resumes and career documents to help clients go from where they are in their careers to where they want to go next. 

In the Summer of 2018, Employment BOOST contacted us with the goal to launch a new brand that would capture greater market share within the entry level and low-cost resume and career services customer. 

With a 5-star reputation built within the mid-market, professional-level sector, Employment BOOST wanted to establish a new brand that leveraged its decade-long reputation for quality and efficacy but delivered a more streamlined process – relying on digital efficiencies and a leaner process to realize cost savings for the entry level and low-cost customer.
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Branding & Identity
We worked with Employment BOOST leadership to brainstorm and identify effective yet attractive brand names for the new venture. Our goal with the new brand name would be to leverage search insights to deliver a name that not only spoke to modernity and a digital-first experience but allowed for a quick and effective SERP game plan to be put in place. 

Simple Resume, powered by Employment BOOST, was the brand name we established would be the best fit for the new brand. We then began work on branding and identity for Simple Resume with an understanding the the aesthetic of the new brand and website needed to appeal to a younger demographic, one that valued a digital-first experience and emphasized speed and cost over a high-touch, highly consultative approach – much like the one that Employment BOOST utilized. 

The direction for Simple Resume would be a slim website, with very basic navigation, and copy written to direct the customer to the services page – where the purchase process would be made as simple as possible too. By utilizing a graphic homepage and vertical parallax content design, the Simple Resume aesthetic would be one that appealed to the younger demographic while effectively explaining the unique selling points of the Simple Resume experience.
Quick Wins & Results
Customers Acquired Within 2 Days of Launch
PPC & Content Strategy Developed for Long-Term Growth & Scalability
Social Media Presence Established Matching Branding & Identity Direction
Internal Workflow Processes Developed to Allow for Maximum Profitability
E-Commerce &
SEO Growth Strategy

Diving into search engine and growth strategy, we identified ‘simple resume’ as a high-search volume term right from the start. After working with leadership to run both volume-cost and breakeven analyses on Simple Resume’s new business model, we established that the search volume – which would be a major factor in the brand’s marketing strategy – could exceed initial revenue targets with a reasonable conversion rate.

We then added several other competitive and non-competitive key terms to form the basis of Simple Resume’s digital optimization strategy. These key terms will enable Simple Resume to grow in visibility across several important search terms and grab market share with more effective branding and story-telling.

By putting in place a consistent and targeted content strategy plan, Simple Resume will not only have immediate ranking success, but also grow over time to access increased levels of visibility and search success.

Getting visitors to the Simple Resume website was the first step in our work with the Employment BOOST leadership team. Second, we built several features on the website that increase trust factor and ease-of-transaction.

We implemented video explainers which matched the branding of the website, allowing visitors to watch a short video to acquire more information on the Simple Resume process. When the customer is ready to purchase, we developed a payment plan option for Simple Resume’s checkout functionality, allowing higher conversion rates from frugal shoppers.
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Digital Marketing 
The DaggerFinn difference is our ability to combine several different aspects of effective digital marketing to develop a comprehensive strategy that is not only cost-effective for brands, but also maximizes return on investment (ROI). In coordination with the brand’s content strategy, we designed and put in place a comprehensive pay-per-click (PPC) strategy right at brand launch. 

We used this to gauge demand for the new offering, and to test the market. The PPC strategy will allow Simple Resume to toggle demand up and down throughout the year to match bandwidth.
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Service Delivery &
Operations Advisory
The final piece of the Simple Resume puzzle was to work with Employment BOOST leadership to develop processes that would allow the new brand to leverage the expertise and insights of Employment BOOST but streamline service delivery – enabling a lower price point and enhanced efficiency. 

We worked with Employment BOOST to develop an aesthetically-pleasing resume format, that utilized different fonts, layout, and styling – allowing for a modern execution of the resume that still followed Employment BOOST best practices. The new layout featured fewer words to fill out, decreasing the time the Certified Professional Resume Writers at Simple Resume would need to finish a crafting a resume. 

Next, we streamlined communication methods between customers and the Simple Resume team, building more contact areas on the website and removing call-in ability. We also then suggested to the Simple Resume team to decrease the number of revisions per customer, but to include a complimentary cover letter – decreasing per-customer engagement time but adding value. 

Simple Resume launched in the Fall of 2018, and quickly acquired customers who have loved the service – a testament to the quality of work that the Simple Resume and Employment BOOST team is able to deliver. 

Over time, Simple Resume’s visibility will increase – allowing leadership to balance out PPC programming and lower cost of customer acquisition even further. The branding and functionality of the website is tailored towards the demands of a younger, more digital-first generation. Simple Resume is now poised for scalability and enormous growth.