360 Assessments for Golf Courses & Country Clubs

Running a country club or golf course is challenging to say the least. There are numerous factors to pay attention to all across the balance sheet and understanding which levers to pull to ensure a high-quality customer/member experience while maintaining profitability (and hopefully growth rates) requires time and resources that you may not have.

Finding areas across your country club or golf course to drive incremental revenue gains can be the difference between a great year and an average one. And whether making more money means becoming more efficient, attracting new members, retaining more customers, or adding new, innovative revenue streams, our team of strategic advisors and consultants have experience helping golf courses and country clubs grow through 360 assessments.

360 assessments for golf courses and country clubs are comprehensive walk-throughs of your entire operations – all to find opportunities to drive revenue impact and grow the business. When you want to understand the drivers of revenue for your business and the parts of your business that can be modernized for new target markets, you tap into the insights of a 360 assessment of your country club or golf course.

Examples of strategies to drive revenue growth could be tapping into a great local restaurant and making your club house a go-to place for food and drinks – attracting a different demographic of customers to your grounds.

Another example could be to establish a recurring revenue component to one aspect of your revenue stream. Is there an opportunity to provide customers with more value by offering a monthly subscription for access to unlimited tee times during off-peak hours? Does this allow you to lock in revenue that is valued at a higher valuation and is more consistent for you to make better capital allocation decisions?

Can your country club or golf course leverage some of its existing assets and monetize them during off-peak hours? For example, is there room for a boutique, specialized spa treatment for exclusive customers using already existing facilities?

There are many opportunities to drive incremental revenue and margin expansion for country clubs and golf courses when the proper analysis has been done. Whether its marketing strategy or operational oversight, 360 assessments allow you to understand, through an objective 3rd party lens, what is moving the needle for your business and where you can achieve even better growth.

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