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We help our clients attract the talent they need by establishing an attractive employer value proposition (EVP) and enhancing the candidate experience.

Then we focus on sustainability by helping our clients optimize cost-per-hire (CPH), reduce employee turnover, Improve employee engagement, and enhance the employee experience. All to make your company an irresistible place to work.

Which services are right for you?
Supercharge your employer brand, improve your employee engagement, while building a stronger candidate pipeline by automating content creation.
• Employer Branding Content Strategy & Templates
• Social Media Content & Management
• Employee Appreciation Content Creation
• Careers Website SEO Review
• Employer Branding Advisory
• Tactical Review Meetings
Build processes to become THE place to work in your industry with cutting-edge content creation and strategy to drive higher levels of engagement.
• All Standard Services, plus:
• On-Site Photography & Content Creation
• Employer Branding Videography Services
• On-Site Employer Branding Workshops
• Advanced Metrics & Performance Reporting
Want us to build a fully customized employer branding package designed exclusively for your organization's needs? Contact us today.
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Employer Brand Development
Brand Audits
Looking to invest in your organization's employer brand?comprehensive brand audit is a great place to start. Our team will conduct a data-driven deep dive into your firm's current state - through surveys, on-site interviews, and branding analysis - identifying areas of improvement and opportunities for better results.  Our team will also provide competitor benchmarking so your organization understands the competitive landscape.
Employer Value Proposition (EVP) Development
An essential aspect of building a positive employer brand is to fully understand your organization's employer value proposition (EVP). What makes your organization different as an employer? Where are your core competencies? What can be promoted? We will analyze and guide your organization's EVP development efforts - and assist with messaging frameworks, visual direction, activation planning, and on-going maintenance.
Reputation Management
As an employer, your reputation is everything. In fact, 52% of job seekers admit to reviewing Glassdoor prior to making an employment decision. More than 79% of job seekers use social media to scout a company before accepting an offer. Our team will develop a reputation management plan for your organization that encompasses social strategy, content management, and internal / external initiatives to ensure that your organization's reputation is managed is a sustainable manner.
Recruitment Marketing & Internal Activation
Recruitment Marketing Plans
Attracting the right talent at the right time is pivotal to an organization's long-term success - and developing sustainable programs that your organization can use is important. Our team will develop sound recruitment marketing plans - which are easy to follow and sustainable - so your organization can have full confidence in attracting, engaging, and ultimately, hiring the right candidates.
Internal Employee Appreciation Plans
A solid employer branding strategy starts with understanding and appreciating your current team members. Don't have employee appreciation programs in place currently? Our team will work with your organization to design and implement sustainable employee appreciation programs that invite your team members to go 'above and beyond' while receiving recognition and incentives that are shareable.
Content Creation & Social Strategies
There is no better way to reach out to future employees than through engaging content and social media. Close to 80% of all job seekers will vet a company's social media presence before accepting a position. Our team will craft a comprehensive content and social media strategy that leverages your current employee appreciation programs and showcases your organization in the best light. We help you get noticed.
Education & Enablement
Employer Brand Consultation
Whether your organization is analyzing your current employer brand or looking to take the next steps in developing a more attractive employer value proposition, our team can help. With an employer brand consultation, our team will dive into the current state of your organization's employer brand and develop an action plan to help take your employer brand to the next level.
Employer Branding Presentations
Have our team of employer branding and recruitment marketing experts present at an upcoming conference or talent acquisition event. Thought leaders on the employer branding space, our team can customize and develop custom presentations geared towards the goals and aims of your conference or event.
DAGGERFINN is a trusted advisor and objective consultant to some of the fastest-growing companies and organizations globally.
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