Employee Experience Testing

Retention, turnover, workplace culture, and employer brand are all informed by the employee experience. Get a thorough, trusted, and objective understanding of your organization’s employee experience.

Employee Experience (EX) Testing Overview

An in-depth understanding of your employee experience informs your entire talent infrastructure, from performance management to recruitment, and culture development to strategic alignment

The meaning of work is shifting, and the global workforce is demanding more of the employee experience. Companies, as a result, need to respond by building thoughtful, consistent, and fulfilling employee experiences to ensure access to the optimal level of talent required to achieved their strategic ambitions.

The Value Of Employee Experience Testing For Employer Branding

When clients think of their own employer branding employee experience processes, we are often asked for guidance across questions such as ‘how do you ensure a good employee experience?’, ‘what makes a good employee experience?’, and ‘how to improve the employee experience at our organization?’ These questions speak to the fundamental need for organizations to address their employee experience such that it informs a more robust, clear, and attractive employer brand and recruitment marketing strategy.

Get objective, third-party perspective, and analysis of how your employees feel and experience your organization’s workplace culture, management systems, mission alignment, and talent brand with employer branding employee experience surveys and EX testing.

What Bold, Ambitious Goals Can We Help You Achieve?

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Unlock positive business impact by understanding the entire employee experience.

Are job candidates delighted by the employee experience when they think of applying to your organization?

Are current employees excited to share information and insights your organization’s workplace culture during the application process?

Is your organization inspiring employees to strive for greater challenges in their careers – and are they driven to bring their best selves to work?

Is the employee experience strategically aligned to your organization’s business objectives?