Candidate Experience Testing

Feel and real are often two different things. Tap into the wisdom of crowds to understand how job candidates experience your employer brand throughout the job application process.

Candidate Experience (CX) Testing Overview

The foundation of any great employer brand is a cohesive and thoughtful candidate experience. Get objective, third-party perspective, and analysis of how job seekers feel and experience your organization’s talent brand with employer branding candidate experience (CX) testing.

The world is changing, and work dynamics are shifting, too. Job seekers have expectations of the job search experience that requires organizations to address the entirety of the job application process. To help provide clarity around the complexity that can exist in a fully formulated candidate pipeline, we leverage deep analysis and insight with a data-driven approach to help clients understand why candidate experience matters and how to measure candidate experience.

The Value Of Candidate Experience (CX) Testing For Employer Branding

When clients think of their own employer branding candidate experience processes, we are often asked for guidance across questions such as ‘how do you ensure a good candidate experience?’, ‘what makes a good candidate experience?’, and ‘how to improve candidate experience?’

These questions speak to the fundamental need for organizations to address their candidate experience such that it informs a more robust, clear, and attractive employer brand and recruitment marketing strategy.

What Bold, Ambitious Goals Can We Help You Achieve?

Let’s get to work

Drive positive business impact through the entire candidate lifecycle

Are job candidates delighted by the candidate experience of applying to your organization?

Are job candidates informed by the information and insights your organization presents during the application process?

Is your organization inspiring candidates to apply to your organization’s open roles – and driven to bring their best selves to work?

Is the application process frictionless and efficient for the job applicant – a key driver to high-level conversion in the digital age?