Employer Brand Audits

Uncover insights and unlock the full potential of your organization’s employer brand with a comprehensive deep dive into your current state, benchmarked across the data points that matter.

Employer Branding Audits Overview

In today’s highly-competitive talent market, companies with the best employer brands are widening the talent gap and unlocking an insurmountable competitive advantage

A great employer brand is a chance for an organization to set itself apart. By attracting the best talent, organizations that embody a superlative talent experience – from candidate to employee – are pulling away from the field and establishing insurmountable moats.

The reality is that organizations with the most talented individuals always win. What does your organization’s talent pool look like? Are you attracting the level of talent conducive to your growth ambitions?

What bold, ambitious goals can we help you achieve?

Let’s get to work

What is included in a Comprehensive Employer Brand Audit?

Leveraging more than two decades of human capital consulting experience and proprietary insights generated from our own Employer Brand Credit Score Report and Employer Brand Index, our Comprehensive Employer Brand Audit enables marketing and human resources (HR) leaders to tap into unparallel perspectives designed to drive real change to ambitious organizations.

Start by talking to us about your employer brand and internal initiatives. Then, once our comprehensive employer brand audit is complete, you’ll receive:

  1. A presentation of employer brand findings, perspective, and ideation. Understand your organization’s state-of-play and areas of competitive opportunity informed by comprehensive employer brand perception surveys.
  2. Data-driven insights of your organization’s current state across employee experience and candidate experience – generated both internally and externally.
  3. Tactical guidance to address your organization’s most pressing employer branding concerns – where there are current issues you’re organization is facing, we’ll lean in with insights and an outsider’s perspective.
  4. Industry comparison and benchmarks designed to catalyze your employer brand strategy for the future. Know the lay of the land in your sector so you can position your employer branding efforts effectively.