Employer Branding Services

Unleash your employer brand and unlock a true competitive advantage.

Employer Branding Overview

What is employer branding? Why is employer branding important? And how does your company position itself as an employer of choice for today’s talent?

As an employer branding agency, we help our clients attract the talent they need by establishing an attractive employer value proposition (EVP) and enhancing the candidate experience. Then we focus on sustainability by helping our clients optimize cost-per-hire (CPH), reduce employee turnover, improve employee engagement, and enhance the employee experience. All to make your company an irresistible place to work.

Why You Need Employer Branding

Fewer differentiating factors for organizations participating in today’s full-contact competition for the best talent are as important as the establishment of a clear, precise, and attractive employer brand.

When it comes to employer branding consulting, it’s crucial to understand why employer branding is important? Because it serves as the north star for everyone who interacts with your organization in a human capital capacity – candidates, employees, hiring teams, executives, and everyone in between. The right employer branding strategy helps set a narrative that draws the right talent to your organization such that you can unlock growth is an invaluable competitive advantage.

What Bold, Ambitious Goals Can We Help You Achieve?

Let’s get to work

How do we unlock growth through employer branding and recruitment marketing?

Today’s talent market is as competitive as it has ever been. Employer branding strategies are more important than ever. Despite global economic uncertainty, businesses are posting ‘For Hire’ signs left and right – all needing talent to fill vital, mission-critical roles to help the business survive and thrive.

Our blend of digitally-driven and creative strategies to recruitment marketing and employer branding establish our clients as the best-in-class places to work – crucial in today’s competitive hiring environment.

The best talent will only work at organization’s that they deem as relevant, important, and supportive of their personal and professional goals. As a leading employer branding agency, we help you with this.

Backed by insights from more than 20 years of executive search, digital marketing, career services, and market research experience, we pride ourselves on delivering creative and pragmatic solutions to the unique requirements and concerns of our diverse clients.

What Are Some Employer Branding Problems We Solve?

How do we unlock our employer brand through online reviews of our employee experience?

Positive and negative reviews from current and past employees are a major indicator of the health of an organization’s employer brand. Some 55% of job seekers have abandoned a job application after reading a negative review.

How do we lower our cost per hire for new employees and improve our employee onboarding experience?

The way future employees feel about your organization during the application process is crucial to building a great employer brand. We help set strategies that lower cost per hire and improve candidate experience so organization’s build long-term sustainability.

How do we stand up a leading employer value proposition (EVP) and stand out in our industry?

What does your organization stand for? What is your brand as an employer? We help build a clear vision and focus for your organization’s EVP so you can build orbiting strategies that are on-brand and consistent.

How do we attract more qualified, higher quality candidates to our open job opportunities?

A business can only scale when the right talent is in place to execute audacious strategies. We craft comprehensive employer branding solutions to help organization’s attract better candidates, capable of taking your organization to the next level.

How do we expose the great job opportunities that are available at our organization to a greater pool of talent?

Your organization is growing, and you have lots of great opportunities for employee growth and achievement. We help build comprehensive job exposure campaigns so the right candidates know of your organization’s great opportunities.

How do we engage our employees to improve company culture especially during work-from-home times?

Work-from-home dynamics have changed work for good, and a primary struggle for organization’s is maintaining culture in the virtual environment. We help establish culture-building best practices and tactics so your organization remains the best place to work in your industry.

What is the best way to showcase our team to improve our chances of winning clients and driving business results?

In today’s digital world, credibility and trust with clients is built through your staff’s online presence first and foremost. We help organization’s look the part and build the online reputation that helps clients engage faster, and close more efficiently.

Comprehensive Employer Branding Consulting

Brand Audits

Looking to invest in your organization’s employer brand? A comprehensive brand audit is a great place to start. Our team will conduct a data-driven deep dive into your firm’s current state – through surveys, on-site interviews, and branding analysis – identifying areas of improvement and opportunities for better results.  Our team will also provide competitor benchmarking so your organization understands the competitive landscape.

Employer Value Proposition (EVP) Development

An essential aspect of building a positive employer brand is to fully understand your organization’s employer value proposition (EVP). What makes your organization different as an employer? Where are your core competencies? What can be promoted? We will analyze and guide your organization’s EVP development efforts – and assist with messaging frameworks, visual direction, activation planning, and on-going maintenance.

Reputation Management

As an employer, your reputation is everything. In fact, 52% of job seekers admit to reviewing Glassdoor prior to making an employment decision. More than 79% of job seekers use social media to scout a company before accepting an offer. Our team will develop a reputation management plan for your organization that encompasses social strategy, content management, and internal / external initiatives to ensure that your organization’s reputation is managed is a sustainable manner.

Recruitment Marketing Plans

Attracting the right talent at the right time is pivotal to an organization’s long-term success – and developing sustainable programs that your organization can use is important. Our team will develop sound recruitment marketing plans – which are easy to follow and sustainable – so your organization can have full confidence in attracting, engaging, and ultimately, hiring the right candidates.

Internal Employee Appreciation Plans

A solid employer branding strategy starts with understanding and appreciating your current team members. Don’t have employee appreciation programs in place currently? Our team will work with your organization to design and implement sustainable employee appreciation programs that invite your team members to go ‘above and beyond’ while receiving recognition and incentives that are shareable.

Content Creation & Social Strategies

There is no better way to reach out to future employees than through engaging content and social media. Close to 80% of all job seekers will vet a company’s social media presence before accepting a position. Our team will craft a comprehensive content and social media strategy that leverages your current employee appreciation programs and showcases your organization in the best light. We help you get noticed.

Employer Brand Consultation

Whether your organization is analyzing your current employer brand or looking to take the next steps in developing a more attractive employer value proposition, our team can help. With an employer brand consultation, our team will dive into the current state of your organization’s employer brand and develop an action plan to help take your employer brand to the next level.

Employer Branding Presentations

Have our team of employer branding and recruitment marketing experts present at an upcoming conference or talent acquisition event. Thought leaders on the employer branding space, our team can customize and develop custom presentations geared towards the goals and aims of your conference or event.