Market Research & Analysis

Make confident, business growth decisions with data-backed insights.

Market Research Overview

Growing a business is hard enough without having to make important decisions based on guesswork. Most businesses want to grow but the successful ones are acutely aware of the need for in-depth, data-backed insights to inform their decision-making and strategic planning. Our market research and analyses help growth-driven companies find uncommon opportunities to unlock growth.

Comprehensive market research and market analysis are crucial when it comes to:

  • Deciding whether to expand into a new market
  • Determining whether to invest in new products
  • Understanding the competitive landscape
  • Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your business
  • Identifying areas of opportunity and threats to your business
  • Exploring avenues to jumpstart stagnated growth
  • Committing to a strategic rebrand
  • Pivoting into a new industry
  • Pivoting into a new business plan
  • Adding new revenue streams to your existing business
  • Exploring whether recurring revenue (subscription) is viable for your business

Why You Need Market Research & Analysis

Long gone are the days of executive decision-making based on gut feelings. In today’s competitive business landscape, comprehensive market research and analyses are the only way to develop a thorough understanding of relevant and adjacent markets, competitive dynamics, and areas of opportunity – so that strategic decision-making can be data-informed and carried out with confidence.

Without first conducting market research, companies are left to make decisions without the appropriate level of buy-in from key stakeholders and without the requisite amount of intelligence and insight. The reality is that employee livelihoods are on the line when it comes to many business strategies – and when the success or failure of a new strategic plan is pivotal, ensuring that your organization has conducted market research to inform decision-making is crucially important.

What Bold, Ambitious Goals Can We Help You Achieve?

Position Your Leadership To Understand Key Inputs & Outputs With Comprehensive Market Research

Whether you’re in need of primary market research or secondary market research, strategic decision-making needs to rest on a bed of comprehensive market research. Understanding your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, and understanding the competitive landscape through competitors analysis is key to knowing which markets are penetrable for your company – and which markets are not.

When you want to understand customer behavior and how your organization can develop an insurmountable strategic competitive advantage, leveraging a blend of quantitative market research and qualitative market research can unlock insights and ideas to guide your executive team’s strategic planning efforts.

Because when your organization is ready to conduct market research, our data-driven approach and blended quantitative and qualitative insights are a proven way to gain a competitive advantage. The best market research companies are focused on providing customized and tailored insights to help guide your organization’s growth plans. At Daggerfinn, we are not only one of the best market research companies conducting market research for small businesses and enterprises, but our market research and analysis is trusted by some of the fastest-growing professional services and consumer goods brands around.