Employer Branding Strategy for Atlanta, Georgia Businesses

The Atlanta Georgia area is extremely competitive when it comes to attracting and retaining the best talent for your company. Business growth requires getting your talent infrastructure right, because you need the right kind of workers to execute your growth plans. Employer branding recruitment strategy could be the different between staying competitive or going out of business. 

The challenge in today’s increasingly volatile corporate environment is keeping workers happy and getting the best workers to choose your company over others. With the best employer branding for the Atlanta area, you put your company in the best position possible to service your clients well, get your operations right, and maximize the performance of your organization. 

Employer Branding For Recruitment

The key to building the best employer brand in Atlanta is to nail the development of an attractive employer value proposition (EVP). An employer value proposition built specifically for Atlanta Georgia is a great way to reduce turnover, reduce cost per hire, improve time to hire, and improve retention. 

Why? Because an on-brand EVP not only helps your organization attract the right talent, attract better talent, but also repels the kind of workers you don’t want to apply to your organization. The knock-on effect, of course, is a more productive and effective HR function in your organization, too, as their time is not wasting interviewing the wrong kinds of workers.

A Digital Marketing Agency For Growth Consulting 

Business growth can come in many different shapes. Perhaps your company needs more leads entering the top of your sales funnel. Perhaps your company needs to access growth strategies through growth consulting so you can dominate employer branding in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Perhaps your company needs to improve retention and reduce turnover, so your human capital costs come down. Regardless of what business growth issue your company is facing, Daggerfinn can help.

We’ve spent the last 20+ years working on businesses and helping clients achieve growth levels and talent infrastructures that they could only dream of. Our dedication to unlocking unique, creative, and sustainable growth strategies for clients is why we have established a reputation as a leading employer branding and growth strategies agency in Atlanta Georgia.

Our Employer Branding Process, Benefits & Examples

When we work with our clients on employer branding strategy, we focus first on identifying why our clients are unable to find the kind of talent they want. Do we need to build an EVP? Do we need to look at the entire hiring process to make sure each candidate experience touchpoint is on-brand and relevant? Do we need to look at job descriptions and other marketing materials to attract the right talent? 

All these questions start our Atlanta Employer Branding engagements to help companies become the best place to work in Atlanta. Then, once we have aced the employer branding portion of our client engagement work, we can begin to think about how to build the business for growth over the long term.