Strategic Personal Branding for Executives

Unlock a key aspect of a great employer brand, especially for growth-stage companies, by unleashing the personal brands of key executives and team members.

Personal Branding For Executives Overview

Improve retention, buy-in, and inspire entire candidate pipelines by engaging your key executives with personal branding for employer branding.

People rally around people. There’s nothing like having a great leader on staff that attracts and motivates the most talented individuals to come to work. Build personal brands around your key executives to drive your organization’s employer brand to greater heights.

Investing in personal branding for key executives serves multiple functions within the ecosystem of employer branding. First, investment in individuals curries buy-in and improves retention. By saying to your key executives ‘we believe in your brand enough to invest in your public persona’, you signal to your team members that they are crucial to the success of your organization.

The Value Of Strategic Personal Branding For Executives

Second, thought leadership is key when establishing a competitive advantage, especially for growth-stage organizations. In crowded marketplaces, key opinion leaders and important voices stand out. The best talent gravitate toward the best ideas and thought leaders.

Giving key executives and management in your organization a voice in the business ecosystem generates a return on investment that is deep, bankable, and drives employer brand success.

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Leverage Your Organization’s Key Executive Voices With Strategic Personal Branding

Do your leaders have a voice in the marketplace that is relevant and on-brand?

Does your leadership team set the agenda and temperature on social media with their opinions and thoughts on your industry?
Does your leadership team have a reach that is significant and easily accessible when needed?

Does the talent marketplace look to the executives in your organization as tastemakers and change agents?