Employer Value Proposition (EVP) Development

Differentiate your organization in a saturated market with a unique and relevant employer value proposition (EVP) and employer brand.

EVP Development Overview

Identify opportunities to differentiate your organization’s value proposition (EVP) and attract high-quality talent capable of delivering long-term growth and results.

Undifferentiated employer brands and employer value propositions (EVP) are typically the difference between organizations that have access to the best talent and those that have to settle.

The Importance Of A Strong Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

In highly saturated markets with many firms, it is more important than ever to stand apart with a relevant and thoughtful value proposition. Candidates are looking to work for organizations that stand for something and are structured to bring value to their employees too. What does your organization stand for?

Tap into in-depth research and market analysis to identify areas of opportunity for your organization. Then leverage more than 20 years of expertise in human capital consulting to stand up a relentlessly relevant and unique employer value proposition (EVP) tailored to attract the kind of talent your organization needs and wants.

What Bold, Ambitious Goals Can We Help You Achieve?

Let’s Get To Work

Drive positive business impact through the best hiring process possible in your industry

Are candidates attracted to your organization’s employer value proposition for the right reasons?

Importantly, is your value proposition making your talent pipeline more efficient – augmenting time to hire and cost per hire?

Is your value proposition (EVP) relevant and attractive to the shifting needs and desires of today’s labor force?

Does the labor market understand your organization’s value proposition – and are you working towards building the best-in-industry value proposition for talent?