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Daily Insights

In-N-Out Burger, an American fast-food restaurant chain primarily based in California, has built a monstrous employer brand ranking it amongst companies such as HubSpot, Google, Facebook, and Bain & Company.

In-N-Out Burger has consistently ranked on the Best Places to Work list for the past decade, ranking at #4 for this year, #3 for 2019, #4 for 2018, #7 for 2017, #13 for 2016, #8 for 2015, and #9 for 2013. In-N-Out consistently leads all fast food restaurant chains as one of the best places to work in America.

In-N-Out has become a powerhouse in employer branding, offering its employees a free burger per shift, in-house opportunities for advancement, employee support, paid vacation, a competitive salary, flexibility, tuition reimbursement, and associate discounts.

In-N-Out Burger has two foundations known as the In-N-Out Burger Foundation and the Slave 2 Nothing Foundation. The In-N-Out Burger Foundation helps fight issues such as child abuse while the Slave 2 Nothing Foundation opens paths of freedom to who are enslaved by another person or substance. In-N-Out gives 100% of the money raised to these foundations back, showing the image of a company that not only cares about its employees, but issues in society as well. In-N-Out Burger also has a merchandise store where you can buy In-N-Out clothing and accessories.

In-N-Out continues to chop the charts of employer branding and great food. In-N-Out Burger consistently finds ways to separate itself from competitors through a strategy geared towards promoting the best benefits possible which maintaining competitiveness in digital branding and marketing.


Daily Insights

CDW Corp., headquartered in Lincolnshire, IL, is a provider of hardware, software, and integrated IT services for business, government, healthcare, and education customers.

CDW-G, a secondary division, devotes itself to U.S. government entities such as educational institutions and non-profit healthcare organizations. This year, CDW-G was recognized as the 10th Best Large Company to work for by Hartford Business. CDW-G has built an attractive employer brand as recognized by Glassdoor, being named to the Best Places to Work list for this year and 2018 for putting culture and mission at its core.

CDW provides an annual President’s Club trip for the company’s top performers, a CelebrateIT program to allow its employees to publicly give praise and recognition to others, and Emerging Leaders program where CDW demonstrates its commitment to the continued professional development of their workers, a Six Sigma program led by an executive coach, a telehealth program, annual wellness screenings, and many more benefits and perks.

CDW captures candidates with its “Life at CDW” page where it promotes team spirit, diversity, employee testimonials, and statements speaking to its employer brand such as “WE WIN. TOGETHER.” And “WE HAVE FUN.”.

CDW has created an innovative, sustainable employer branding strategy to grasp the attention of potential candidates through video storytelling and creative benefits & perks to drive top talent to its brand and slogan “People Who Get It”.


Daily Insights

HubSpot, a leading developer and marketer of software products for sales, customer service, and inbound marketing for customer relationship management, social media marketing, lead generation, web analytics, and other marketing services was voted #1 as the Best Place to Work by Glassdoor in 2020.

HubSpot has numerous awards, being named to the Best Workplaces for Women in 2019 list, named the #1 Company for Employee Happiness by Comparably, and named to the Best Workplaces in Europe in 2019.

HubSpot created The Culture Code, a slide deck that is updated periodically. HubSpot titles it as “Culture Code: Creating a Lovable Company”.

HubSpot describes its employees as having HEART: Humble, Empathetic, Adaptable, Remarkable, Transparent. The Culture Code explains what culture is, why HubSpot obsesses over culture, and why culture is important in running a great organization.

HubSpot places a value on transparency with its employees and providing opportunities for growth for their employees. Everyone in the office shares information, knowledge, and ideas, including the C-Suite. HubSpot speaks of the importance of diversity, respect, family, and working autonomously.

One of the biggest perks that HubSpot is known for Is the allowance of remote work for its employees, non-traditional work hours, and unlimited vacation days. HubSpot wants its employees to understand that personal and professional growth are just as important as business growth, and does so through a strategy that respects the time and values of its employees.

97% of HubSpot’s employees recommend HubSpot as a place to work, and the company boasts a 4.8 star rating based on feedback and employee reviews.

HubSpot’s strategy is a people strategy, one that is open to feedback and putting the employee first before business. As a result, HubSpot has enjoyed great business success, and, if sustained, will continue to attract top talent to its brand.