7 Ways To Use Social Media For Your Employer Branding Efforts

Effectively communicating your brand to prospective candidates in the job market is a necessity in order for your company to grow. In a time where company layoffs and closures are rampant, it is extremely important to hire high potential employees to keep your company moving. 76% of companies choose social media to communicate an employer brand. The #1 proven way to effectively brand yourself as an employer is through social media, as using social media for employer branding is set to grow 70% in the next five years.

Take a look at some of the data points when it comes to using social media for employer branding:

– Roughly 52% of candidates first look at the company’s websites and social media to learn more about an employer.
– More than 1 in 10 recent hires found their current roles through social media.
– 73% of Millennials found their last position through a social media site.
– 71% of recruiters said social media recruiting was effective in decreasing time-to-fill for non-management, salaried positions.
– 68% of Millennials visit a company’s social media properties specifically to evaluate an employer’s brand.

Inform Potential Candidates of Your Company Perks and Benefits

37% of employees say that better perks and benefits will help them stay more engaged at the office. Using social media to communicate the great, competitive perks that your company provides will allow you to reach the best of talent in the job market.

Highlight Your Current Employees

Showing off the accomplishments and how you cater to your current employees will paint candidates a bright picture of the type of company you are. Highlighting your company’s employees is a practice used by many, and you would be putting your firm at a disadvantage if you fail to use this tactic on your brand’s social media platforms.

Respond to Customers and Interested Individuals

Whether it’s someone leaving a positive comment under one of your posts, or an angry customer leaving a bad review, in order for you to effectively communicate a great employer brand, you MUST respond to any sort of interaction as quickly as possible. A company that does this effectively will make a connection with consumers and candidates alike.

Post about Open Positions

Creating posts about open jobs within your organization can encourage more people to apply. Taking care to make the most informative and exciting while implementing keywords in your text will attract some of the best talent to your company website.

Create an Image of Your Company Culture

The job market will soon be comprised of more than 50% of Millennials. In order to appeal to Millennials, you must demonstrate that your company is innovative, fun, and supportive of your employees. Posting live updates on team outings, fun in the office, and company events will give candidates an idea of what it is like to work for your organization, and painting a positive, vibrant image will lead your employer brand in the right direction.

Share Good Content

Content is king. Sharing visuals and interesting content revolving around your company’s market will always be beneficial for your employer brand. You want to brand yourself as a competitive firm that’s knowledgeable in subject matter within your specific market space. Doing so will attract the best talent to your social media profiles and encourage them to visit your website, which could ultimately lead to a completed application to work for you.

Promote Social Activism and Engage In Trending Topics

There are a lot of social movements and topics existent within today’s world. The best employer brands are the brands that engage in social activism and stand in support of those who are affected. Using social media to broadcast your brand as an organization who cares about these issues ill naturally influence high potential candidates to want to work for your brand.

Aside from active candidates, recruiting passive job candidates is the top reason that organizations use social media for employer branding and recruitment. Utilizing these 7 methods that exist within the social media realm will surely provide room for business growth and top talent acquisition. Invest in social media for your employer brand today!

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