B2B Brands Should Utilize Social Media To Enhance Employer Brand

For most businesses, getting your brand in front of as many eyes as possible is the name of the game. With increased exposure comes the increased opportunity to make a sale. The rise of social media has seen most businesses take to the various platforms available to tout their goods, products, or services.

But social media isn’t always effective for businesses, especially when monitored on a return on investment basis.

For every Away, there is a 15-person accounting firm desperate to leverage the power of social media to reach a wider audience, but unable to generate any return on the marketing expenditure required to grow a social media following.

The issue, however, isn’t that the businesses aren’t attractive on social media, but that many businesses have not outlined what they want to achieve with their social media presence.

They haven’t figured out the ‘why’.

When someone is using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any of the countless other social media platforms available, they are looking for entertainment. B2B brands have been drilled to provide value at any opportunity. Our experience is that this approach – one where B2B businesses tout their products, services, or goods – doesn’t work.

B2B brands can begin to generate a positive return on investment when they use their social media presence to build employer brand.

Remember, companies who spend thoughtfully on an employer brand program can drop cost per hire by more than $10,000. Being a more attractive employer means that instead of paying a base salary of $60,000 a year, a company can offer $50,000 in base salary yet not lose competitiveness within the candidate pool.

Nearly 80% of job seekers will look at social media when vetting out a future employer. As a B2B brand, why not leverage this visibility to showcase what makes your company different as an employer? What programs and initiatives does your company have in place to enhance your employer brand?

Any easy way to start building a positive employer brand on social media is to highlight staff achievements and goals. Humanize your organization by showcasing the people that make up the company – their goals, their passion projects, their dreams.

By investing in employer brand on social media, you put your B2B company in front of potential hires in a positive light – which in turn can lower your cost per hire. All good things.

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