Avoid Distractions & Build For The Long-Term

While it can be tempting for marketers – especially those in charge of branding initiatives – to jump on the health crisis bandwagon today, it is particular important not to forget the end goal of your marketing efforts.

With demand sucked out of the market for most industries and sectors right now, many marketers will fill the time by building campaigns and initiatives that are designed to capitalize on the current market conditions.

But remember, branding, especially your employer brand, is a long-term game.

Don’t change who you are today, to capitalize on something that is a momentary pain, if it adversely affect who you will be tomorrow.

Continue to build sustainable, long-term infrastructures and programs – and continue to invest time and resources into the programs that enable your organization to continue moving in the direction you established, strategically, before this health crisis.

At the end of the day, anything you build today – for today – only has value for a short period of time.  When this crisis is over – and it will be over sooner or later – you will want to look back at the time fondly – having invested in the things that actually help your organization in the future.

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