Why Companies Need To Be Extra Careful With Employer Branding During Crisis

Because an employer brand is built, primarily, around the employee experience – times of uncertainty and crisis – like the one we’re living through right now with the COVID 19 outbreak mean companies need to be extra careful and extra thoughtful in their marketing and branding efforts as they navigate these choppy waters.

When times are prosperous, levity and promotion can go a long way for a company, and employees are usually more than happy to contribute anecdotes, stories, and testimonials to the positive work culture.

However, when downturns happen, and uncertainty creeps into the psyche of a workforce, employees look for leadership and guidance from the top.

Employer branding shifts from an employee-focused exercise to one of leadership and direction.

Furthermore, other companies and executives look around the business ecosystem for leadership and guidance, too.

So how does your company capitalize?

By not seeking to capitalize. Instead, focus on painting large, visible leadership strokes that are not only visible to your staff – who are really the most important people in this scenario. But in strokes that other companies can look at and receive direction from.

At the end of the day, an employer brand is a company’s reputation. And reputation is a function of all the inputs that go into running a sound, successful organization.

If you find yourself looking around in need of a shining light for guidance? Be that lighthouse for not only your company, but those around too.

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